When something special comes to an end…A love letter to cafe Jonah


If you’re a true to form Aries and a serial entrepreneur like I am, sometimes, it’s hard to admit when something is ending. There are the stages of grief that we all know about, but then there’s the guilt, the denial and the responsibility that you feel to all the people that helped make your dream come true. These are all the thoughts going through my head as I start … Continued

What I Had For Dinner…Easy Recipes For Clean Eating Post #1


I’ve decided that, like most of us, I need to be inspired to cook. Although, I’m in the restaurant industry, I don’t normally work at night, so cooking dinner is still a part of my daily routine. I’m a fan of cooking for a crowd which makes cooking for my son, my fiancé and I quite a challenge, particularly since I hate leftovers!  I decided that with the new year … Continued

We all need a little help…


It’s 5:00 AM on a Monday morning and I am looking for every excuse in the world not to go work out. The computer happened to be open as I walked past it and my brilliant sense of reasoning and bargaining kicked in as I put on a robe instead of my sports bra and sat down. Write Jenny! Write about this madness that you have committed to. Write about goals … Continued