Three Foods You Can Add To Your Diet To Boost Your Immune System…NOW!


Let’s stop talking about what you need to “take away” to feel better! Here are three simple foods you can easily add to your diet that will boost your immune system and help you feel great!!! So easy. Just do it.   Ginger Not only is ginger a fantastic solution to a bad cough and cold symptoms, it will soothe your stomach when you feel queasy or have an upset tummy. Ginger … Continued

A Delicious Farmer’s Market Supper


One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to hit the local farmer’s markets in my hood and cook up a simple supper from the freshest produce I can find. Try this easy recipe with these last of the summer veggies!                                                 Grilled Summer … Continued

Vegan Class! Let me share some recipes!


Raw Zucchini Spaghetti W/Vegan Basil-Lemon Pesto Serves 4 Must have a spiralizer for this salad! * 4 small to medium sized zucchini, cleaned and ends trimmed *3 cloves garlic, peeled *2 cups of basil leaves *1/4 cup fresh lemon juice *1 cup of toasted pinenuts *1/4 cup nutritional yeast *1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil. more if needed *Salt and pepper to taste In a for processor, puree garlic, basil, … Continued