Quick Shrimp & Vegetable Stir fry!


Almost our entire team at all of our locations have taken on a 90 day challenge to improve our health! Here is a recipe that is literally fifteen minutes start to finish and chocked full of fantastic summer veggies and a small amount of delicious wild caught shrimp. You will be delighted and satisfied, I promise!   Shrimp & Veggie Quick Stir fry Serves two *1 Tablespoon extra virgin olive … Continued

Ode To Asha Gomez And Living Below The Line


It’s a Tuesday evening here in Atlanta and I have been given a challenge. Do you think this stubborn Aries ever refuses a good challenge? Never! My good friend, Chef Asha Gomez, is taking part in the national campaign, “Living Below The Line” put on by The Global Poverty Project. The program challenges Americans to immerse themselves in a week long experiment of living on a food budget of $1.50 a  day … Continued